Welcome to my Website!

On this website I hope to give you some of the knowledge of the ancient greek mythos that has given me my creative mind and interest into other mythologies: Neocities.

  • This website is here to teach you the generals of greek mythology so you can gain an interest in this area and add to your own research on the topic, this will allow you to have some fun at themed parties with the knowledge you will gain
  • Some of the gods and primordial beings I know by name and we look firstly at the gods even though in the mythos of the ancient greek world they came before us and those that came before them were called titans. The names of the gods from oldest to youngest are Hades,Poseieden,Hera,Demter,Hestia and Zeus the primordial beings starting from eldest to youngest go by Gaia,Tarturus,Erubus,Herma and Nyx.
  • One of the gods greatest feats was to defeat Typhon and trap him in the forge of another god that forge was owned by the child of Hera. Fighting their father Chronos off of the throne of the universe and giving us fire
  • The gods are most prevelent in the stories of demi gods or the creation of humanity but with credit of humans being created to the Titan Promethus and with that he had grown attached to humanity and when we were eating raw food of the animals we killed or strugguling to stay warm he had gone to Olympus and stolen the abilty to create fire for humanity
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